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Simple Tips And Tricks To Get You Started With Gods Unchained

Check this section out if you want to know everything about the new trading card game called Gods Unchained. The game called Gods Unchained was developed during the summer of 2018 and was just released recently in the first quarter of 2019. You should know that Gods Unchained uses the Ethereum blockchain which means every user is allowed to sell and trade their cards freely. As a user, you will have ownership over your cards like they were real, actual physical cards.

You can only play the game if you have our own laptop or desktop computer that is running on the preferred operating system. The developer of Gods Unchained is also planning on releasing a mobile version of the game so that people can play using their tablets and mobile devices and soon, VR platforms. To get the cards you want on your deck, you have to purchase packs online and the rest will follow. The packs will also contain hundreds of card sets that will be untradable which are pretty common to all players.

There are millions of cards that have been sold in the market plus a hundred artists have joined and collaborated to design all of the graphics and art in the game called Gods Unchained. There are only 550 cards to be collected in Gods Unchained, but developers are making more so, expect to see new cards in the near future. The game may be a downloadable content application, but you need to use your browser to manage the purchasing process.

Each pack you purchase will have five Gods Unchained cards, and each will have this unique Ethereum ERC721 token and the crypto-collectible. With the Ethereum blockchain, you can rest assured that all of your cards are kept safe inside the network. The players will only be required to use the system when they want to purchase brand new cards or when they want to transfer their current cards. Learn about the gameplay of Gods Unchained on the section below.

Each match is done against another player or computer and is always a one on one. Your goal is like any other battle type game goal, it is to put the life of your opponent to zero. You will get your chance of building your own deck of cards and pick a God to play with for each match. Your deck will need exactly thirty cards. You need to use mana to activate your cards and use them for battling with the opponent’s cards. Your cards be either spells, weapons, creatures, or special God cards. Make sure to follow the guide if you want to understand how the game is played and get some wins while you’re at it.

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