May 4

We offer quality ice cream

We offer quality ice cream


One of the phenomena of the present day in gastronomy and also one of the oldest. You may be surprised, but the ice creams are here with us some Friday. We love, so you could generally describe a favorite answer in polls in children and adults on the subject of frozen delicacies.

Every year we strive to improve product offerings. First-class quality is a condition for us, just in the food industry and in such specialties as ice creams, it is not possible for customers to be a low-quality product. Dozens of varieties of creamy and fruity, dozens of flavors.
Frozen world of gastronomy

In general, industrial ice creams are made from dairy and creamy ingredients and then there are a number of fruit from water and fruit, favorite sorbets. We guarantee fresh and natural ingredients in our products and a minimum of preservatives. We offer convenient packaging and seasonal prices.