May 4

When you can’t be determined

For a long time you are saying that you would like to start playing sports, but you do not know how, because your old bones and joints will not let you, and after many more demanding activities you are unbearably hurt? Do you want to start improving your health and fitness lightly, but effectively and efficiently? Do you have a dog that would force you to go out, and walk just the place where you live, and in its vicinity you are just tired? Or don't you have any place to run if you don't want to walk around the crowded city centre?
The ideal exists!
Imagine that there is a sport that is gentle on your health, your joints and your back, and it is also not too demanding to overdo it. The difficulty level is always completely your choice. This sport is called cycling, and if the bike is too demanding for you, take the Pedelec.